Bill Validation

Only ever pay, for the energy you have used!

As contract structures are becoming increasingly complex, checking and confirming that your utility bills are right can prove to be a time-consuming and potentially confusing task for most people.

Accurate data and utility billing management have long been an area of concern for energy customers, as inaccurate invoices places a substantial cost burden on energy users, yet many customers do not have the time or resources to resolve billing issues themselves.

Switching suppliers can also lead to incorrect data input and consumption data is frequently estimated, with some organisations having meters read as little as once a year.

As we are totally independent of any supplier you’ll be assured that we’ll search through our comprehensive panel of suppliers to find the right solution for your business.

Our team of billing specialists will undertake bill validations on your behalf giving you the peace of mind that you are only paying invoices which are correct. We will report on variances and work to an agreed tolerance level when raising queries with your supplier.

Our process is to analyse bills against a set of parameters and checks are carried out on the following core areas:

 Site & meter data
 Contract or tariff data
 Consumption data

Our specialist team will then assist in the resolution of any queries resulting from the process, liaising directly with the supplier and you to ensure that errors are corrected as quickly as possible and any reimbursements are paid in full.

Our service promise to you

 Pre-payment bill validation
Your invoices will be validated prior to the payment due date ensuring that any discrepancies are corrected by your supplier first. This service resolves any issues quickly and helps financial planning and reassurance that you’re only paying for what you’ve used.

 Post-payment bill validation
On all of your paid quarterly invoices, we’ll work to an agreed tolerance level and liaise with both you and your supplier to acquire either a rebate or a credit/debit on your next bill in the result of any discrepancies.

 Retrospective bill validation
This allows us to check your invoices going back up to a period of six years. If we find any discrepancies in your energy bills we will liaise with your supplier to acquire a rebate if necessary, ensuring that you are kept informed throughout the process.