The Client

Arch operates as an investment and asset-based business with a £280m portfolio of commercial and residential property, the profits from commercial activities are reinvested to support economic and social development across Northumberland.

In 2012, Northumberland County Council set up Arch to bring in private sector expertise and help build a brighter future.

By investing through Arch, the Council is generating an income stream that supports services now and in the future. It is a bold, innovative approach that makes good financial sense. It means profit from Arch supports council services and jobs.

Previous Heating System

  • Electric wall mounted units @ 14 pence per kWh
  • Annual Heating costs were £52,668

Installation Details

  • Eight CTC 34 kW heat pumps.
  • 120 Myson ulow fan assisted radiators.
  • 44 Boreholes drilled to 100 meters
  • Delivering 376,200 kWhs of heat per year, consuming £13,167 of Electricity.

RHI and Heat Saving Benefits

  • Renewable Heat Incentive payments year 1 £32,490 (20 year tariff, CPI adjusted)
  • Saving on previous electricity £39,501 per year.
  • IRR including savings 17.77%