Water Procurement

Enhancing water efficiency whilst reducing costs

Water costs are often accepted at face value because the market is driven by so few suppliers. However, due to changing tariffs over the years, and in some cases the complexity of pricing structures, many businesses are undoubtedly paying more than they should.

Help is at hand, though. Select NRG has the knowledge to help you to cut the costs of the services provided by your regional water supplier. Better still, we never charge in advance for our services. We only charge a fee if we succeed in helping you to achieve savings.

Our expertise covers water billing analysis, cost recovery and conservation across all business sectors. So whatever business you’re in we may be able to help you to achieve substantial cost savings. Either way, by working with us you can be assured that you are paying the correct amount and no more.

Achieve great savings

The comprehensive approach we take to maximising savings and achieving rebates includes:

 Building relationships
 Usage analysis through site profiling and benchmarking
 Meter downsizing
 Surface water and highway drainage evaluation
 Allowance optimization
 Leak detection and repair
 Trade effluent negotiation
 Conservation solutions
 Bill monitoring

We can arrange for a detailed survey to be undertaken and a full cost analysis supplied to assess if you are being charged correctly. At this point, we will know if any savings can be achieved.

We find that many of our customers are being overcharged. However, if our analysis indicates that you have been charged correctly, we will not charge you for the services we have delivered. Either way, by working with us, you can be assured that you are paying the correct amount and no more.