Our Solar PV System

Solar energy systems let you generate electricity at home. You can use the electricity to reduce your energy bills, while any surplus power generated is fed back into the grid & you receive payment for it. You can also benefit from the Feed In Tarrif, a government incentive payment for generating low-carbon electricity.

We have a number of different solar panel systems, so we can match the right product to your needs. We have elegant looking panels, so the external appearance of your home will not be effected.

Installations generally take one day to complete. We will install and set up the system including; panels, cabling, safety switches and a system display. We’ll also complete the admin work that allows you to receive payments for the surplus electricity you generate and the Feed In Tarrif.

Before we complete your installation we need to carry out a home survey. Once this is complete we will let you know the system specifications you will need, how much money you are likely to generate, and importantly, the cost to you.

Why Solar PV

Generate your own electricity

Increase the value of your property

Help in the fight against climate change

Earn a tax free income from the feed in tarrif

Reduce your electricity bill & carbon footprint

Cost effective solutions